1. WELCOME TO ZAYCO. Finding glasses does not get any easier than this. Our frames are organized by size. What does that mean? It means as the columns continue, the width of the frames get smaller and smaller so there’s a whole section curated just for YOU. 
  2. Finding the Right Size. If you wear glasses now, you can see the size right on the inside of your very own frame. Frame sizing just made easy. If you don’t wear frames, welcome to the club! Try on any frame and move a column down until you find your perfect pair. 
  3. Finding the Right Material. The very top two columns are filled with lightweight titanium with a little edge. The middle section are all the acetate frames from everyday wear to chic. The bottom two columns are stainless steel material filled with the eyewear classics. Pick your poison and don’t forget comfort. 
  4. Finding the Right Lens. Now that you picked out the perfect pair of frames, it’s time to choose your lenses. Hand your prescription over to a sales representative and they’ll work on getting you the perfect fair with the clearest vision so you can wear ‘em everyday. 
  5. Hope to see you soon. If your prescription is in stock, they’ll be ready in one hour. If not, it’ll take a few days but not to worry, choose if you want to pick them up or have them shipped at no extra charge. Zayco is happy to see you for adjustments and questions.
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